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Heroic Aussie Blokes Risk Their Lives To Save Drowning Roo

A wayward kangaroo's curiosity nearly cost him his life after he hopped into freezing cold water off Port Elliot, South of Adelaide.

The roo swam almost 500m across out to sea but became stranded near treacherous rocks. 

What happened next was a display of pure Aussie kindness. The everyday stories that make us proud. 

Two heroic chefs, Jeff Della-Mina, 28, and apprentice Dan Marshall, 19, had just finished their lunchtime shift when they spotted the kangaroo in distress. With little regard for their own safety, they ran to the rocks, dived in (fully clothed!) and spent the next twenty minutes rescuing the roo in treacherous conditions.  They lassoed a rope around its neck and led to shore where the shocked animal “coughed up” a large amount of water.


According to The Advertiser, they were met by local Country Fire Service and State Emergency Service crews, who wrapped him in a warm blanket on a stretcher. After an animal rescue expert observed it for another 10 minutes, the kangaroo made a full recovery and bounced off into the scrub.

The two men casually told The Advertiser “We are not brave, not at all. It just needed help. We like animals and we just wanted to give him a hand.”


(Picture: Chris Jones)

An onlooker, government minister Peter Malinauskas, hailed their act of kindness, telling The Advertiser “All of sudden these two fellas still in their chef gear ran off and jumped into the water and shepherded the kangaroo,” he said.

“It was incredible, just bloody fantastic. Those fellas are absolute champions."

We think they're champions too! Nice work Jeff and Dan.

Source: The Advertiser

Images: Stephen Muller

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