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Harry Potter Escape Rooms Are Now A Real, INCREDIBLE Thing

Holy broomsticks this is the best news since the release of new magical J.K Rowling books!

That's right Potter fans, it seems that Harry Potter themed escape rooms actually exist and we CAN't WAIT to get lost in this wizarding world!

For those that don't know, escape rooms are this new craze that lock you and a group of friends inside a maze of rooms and the objective is to solve a bunch of puzzles to break out before the time limit runs out!

And no you can't just 'Alohomora' your way through each locked door...

This witchcraft and wizardry themed version of escape rooms lets you live out all of your dreams of attending Hogwarts (because our letters inviting us to attend the school must have been lost in the mail when we turned eleven...).

The aim, is to "graduate" from the Hogwarts school by completing your OWL exams and fighting off the dark forces.

And what will you need to complete the task? A group of trustworthy friends, a lot of imagination and of course your wand.

Unfortunately, the Harry Potter escape room is currently only in London at a place called Enigma Quests, but surely if we cast enough 'wish spells' we can get one over here in Oz sometime soon!

Or you know, you could just use some floo powder and get yourself over to London in a flash!

If you have serious FOMO, check out all of the magical action in the video above!

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