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‘Half Tonne Killer’ Woman Loses Astonishing 360kgs

Mayra Rosales used to weigh half a tonne (approx 500kgs) and falsely confessed to accidently killing her nephew.

She was protecting her sister, Jamie and took the blame for the death of her nephew, Eliseas in 2008. 


Mayra said she smothered the child to death after rolling on top of him.

However an autopsy report revealed that Mayra was indeed lying and her sister was soon after convicted and sentenced 15-years in jail. 


The reason why Mayra agreed to cover for her sister was because she had given up all hope. She knew she didn't have long to live and was not afraid of the death penalty. 

However, once Mayra was freed she promised she would take better care of herself and lose weight so she could look after her sister's remaining children. 

With the help of 11 surgeries she has now lost 362 kilos! 


See her full transformation here!

Source: TLC

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