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Guy Asks For Money Back After Date Flops

Anyone in the dating game would know first hand that some dates are lowsy.

However, this guy is SO salty about a date gone wrong that he demanded his money back.

A screenshot of a text message posted to reddit shows a woman letting a guy down gently after they met up for a drink.

"I don't think we have much chemistry so there won't be another date," she wrote. 

Then coupled with a smiley face, she finished the rejection message with "But it was lovely meeting you and I wish you all the best!"

Sounds fair, right? Well, the guy didn't think so!

"You are not my type, I think it was not a fun evening," the guy wrote back.

"I paid £8.30 for your drink. I thought you would want one of the ordinary drinks. I paid for my drink £1.75 ($2.40), I paid £8.30 for your drink. This too much."

He then sent his bank details so she could pay him back.

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