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Grandma Uber Is Recruiting Grannies To Get Girls Home Safe

We love a local good news story. 

Think of the stereotypical cute grandma - spoils you rotten, always has candy and an ear to lend if you need to vent or celebrate. 

Well, what if you could have all that and an Uber driver in one!

Brisbane has fallen in love with Kathy Raydings or 'Grandma Uber' as she calls herself. 

She's on a mission to get girls home safely (although that's not to say she would refuse a fare from anyone in need of a lift)!

And after all her recent media attention, her client list has grown so much she's on the lookout for more grannies to join in her plight. 

Going by her popularity there is obviously a huge market for it - giving people peace of mind about a safe ride home from wherever you may be. 

Seven months in and she has done so for over 5,000 passengers. 

We might just have to call her up on her services sometime soon! 

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