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Found? Olivia Newton-Johns Lost Lover 'Discovered' In Mexico

Has the mystery surrounding the fate of Olivia Newton-John's former boyfriend Patrick McDermott FINALLY been solved?

After heading out by himself for a fishing trip back in 2005, it has long been suspected that McDermott had actually faked his own death.

And now, almost twelve years later, a team of investigators claim they have tracked him down alive and well in Mexico.


According to New Idea, a photograph from a Mexican campsite last month allegedly shows a shirtless Patrick lounging alongside an unknown woman.

The man certainly bares a strong resemblance to the American cameraman, who dated Olivia for nine years.

At the time of his disappearance McDermott owed thousands of dollars in backdated child support payments for son Chance.


Private investigator Charlie Parker says he believes the photograph most likely shows McDermott 

'The widow's peak is exact. The eyes are very similar and the ears extend down on the head the same distance. I believe it is him,' he told New Idea, adding that it is a '90 per cent match'.

Patrick would now be 60-years-old - the man in the photograph appears to be of a similar age.

McDermott was declared dead in 2008, despite not one of 22 passengers on board the fishing boat he disappeared from ever seeing him go overboard.

Private detective Philip Klein said it was 'concluded beyond reasonable doubt' that Patrick is still alive.

Strong 'evidence' has remained elusive until the latest discovery found on a noticeboard at a campground in Sayulita, on the western coast of Mexico.

Locals say he first stayed there after he allegedly escaped from the US more than 12 years ago, according to New Idea.

Just last year Olivia said she found it 'very hard' and still wondered whether Patrick was still alive.

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