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Forget Glitter And Poop, There’s A New Mean Messaging Service In Town

Do you remember reading about the messenger services designed for revenge?

Yeah, it was pretty much the kind of thing you'd expect to see Emily Thorne send to Victoria Grayson; a gift designed for your enemies.

We've had exploding glitter parcels that leave the recipient with a week's worth of mess to clean up, the fart fragrances, which are pretty self explanatory - and even poop mail - also very self explanatory.

Now, there's a slightly quirkier service in town. Potatoes.

Yep, offers little information, other than you have the option to send a small, medium or large to someone with a message on it.


I don't know why anyone would do this - and I can't really imagine anyone wanting to send a positive message to someone on a potato - but there is something delicious about the randomness of it all - or maybe I'm just thinking about fries.

However, when trawling through the website, I did see one tweet that had been shared - and I have to say, I definitely saw the humorous side.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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