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Employers Reveal The ONE Thing Interviewees Should NEVER Say

Going for a job interview can be a daunting task in itself.

So to make it a little easier, we have some first hand advice from employers on how to ace your next interview, with employers revealing the one thing interviewees should NEVER say.

Like never, ever…

Apparently the most common reason for employees not getting a job, was the use of slang in formal interviews.

“Interviewee said her Microsoft Excel skills were ‘on fleek’ in an interview. You are interviewing at a professional organisation. Don't use slang and pop culture vocabulary,” a frustrated employer wrote on Reddit

Adding: “Yes I know what on fleek means. But I'm trying to employ the best. The professional world is not charity. I don't owe you a job just because you have a piece of paper.”

Seems simple enough, right?

Other employers were shocked by the skills potential employees listed on their resumes.

“This one didn't quite make it to the interview stage, but I once received a resume from a candidate who listed ‘excellent poofreading’ in her ‘skills’ section,” one employer wrote.

Others said some had requested triple pay, multiple assistants, refused criminal record checks, asked to bring their partners along to attend the interview and also asked if their company did drug testing.

Some even smoked during Skype interviews. 

And on that note… Happy job hunting!

Source: Daily Mail

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