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Dad Furious After Council Build Fence Right Across Driveway

A man is pretty miffed to discover that his local council in Hull, had erected a fence over his driveway where he parked his car, without putting any kind of gate that might be able to open.

Not only that, the council actually asked the man, Mike, for his feedback on their work.

It's been three months since the father was last able to park his car in his own drive, after he initially asked the council if they'd build a fence to prevent his garden from being exposed.

They put the right type of fence up but with no gates to the driveway, leaving enough room to park in front of the fence but without being able to close the small gates on the perimeter fence," he told the Hull Daily Mail.

"I'm having to park my car on the street and it's left my vehicle more exposed than before when it was on the driveway. Thankfully, the council have accepted their error, and have since told him that appropriate gates will be fitted so he can continue to park on his driveway.

However, Mike claims that the communication between Hull City Council, the contractors used and him was diabolical.

"I've spoken to someone in the housing office and they brought a surveyor round who told me to fill in a form so I could give my feedback on how good the work was," he sad.

"A bit of communication wouldn't have gone amiss. If I'd have known what they were planning to do I could have found out the reason and maybe met them halfway - even if I had to put a bit of money in myself.

"Also it was a good job I was there the morning they decided to come round, because no one told me they would be there. They just started digging away and I said, 'why are you blocking my driveway off?'

"It's pure lack of communication and once I raised the issue it was kicked around the cul-de-sac and went nowhere after that."

What I’m confused about, is how any contractor could NOT realise they were erecting a fence over a DRIVEWAY?!

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