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CostCo Is Set To Make A HUGE Change In Australia

American bulk retailer Costco has announced it is going to be ramping up the number of discount coupons it sends to its Australian shoppers.

The Australian is reporting that Costco’s coupons, which are usually issued a few times a year, will now be sent to members each month in an attempt to get more customers into its stores.

The discounts offered in the coupons will reportedly be funded by Costco’s suppliers, with brands such as Bullas ice cream, Penfolds wines, and Huggies nappies featuring in this month’s coupon offerings.

Costco Australia chief executive Patrick Noone told The Australian the supplier-funded model is a good way for businesses to “drive their own business and drive their sales”.

Noone continues to say that customers will receive ‘’ some really good savings (for shoppers). And these coupons have become very popular. People have really embraced them.”

The Australian reports Costco has pulled in close to $5 billion in sales since opening its first Australian store in 2009 and reported an annual revenue of $1.52 billion in the 52 weeks leading up to August 2016.

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