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Confusion for WA Shire After Road-Surfacing Video Goes Viral

If I asked you to compile a list of the most boring things to watch, it would probably look like this; paint drying, an iPhone charging, a road being built…

However, it was the latter that saw the Shire of Moora’s Facebook page jump to 59,000 followers over night.

The Shire’s chief executive Alan Leeson said, "We thought we'd been hacked" After uploading this informative video showing how a road is surfaced.

The drone footage was uploaded to their Facebook page in early December but as Mr Leeson told WA Today, it’s only just taken off. 

"We had a lot of views by Christmas, might have been about 5000 which we thought, 'Geez that's a lot', but around New Year it just took off," Mr Leeson said.

"We thought, 'oh we've been hacked, but it's all been checked out." 

The drone was purchased by the shire with intensions to shoot videos to promote the town.

Alan suggested using the drone to film the work because a lot of people don't have a perspective about how roads are bituminised. 

The drone-shot footage has been viewed a whopping 14 million times and shared a casual 361K times.

Source: WA Today

Photo: Facebook / Shire of Moora.

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