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Psychic Jackie Gillies Explains What Your Dreams Really Mean

You’ve head of the term ‘Dream come true, ’right?

As in, if we could eat a whole box of Krispy Kreme donuts without putting on an ounce of weight it would be a ‘dream come true’.

But what if this term actually had more meaning than just our wishful thinking? What if our dreams, as in our actual nighttime, sleeping, subconscious dreams, could come true? 

If you asked me before if this was possible, I probably would’ve literally told you that you were dreaming. But after speaking with psychic-medium, empowering author and Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies, I’ve been converted.

Dreams are not just figments of our imagination that we have no control over. Oh no. Our dreams are actually messages from our inner self and if we take the time to understand what they mean, they may end up guiding us to fulfil our destiny.

Speaking to Jackie ahead of her ‘Shine It Up Live’ tour around Australia, during which she will work her psychic vibes with the audience to teach them how to use manifestations and self empowerment to overcome hurdles in life, Jackie explained just how big of an impact dreams have had on her personal life. 

“Dreams are messages from your guidance,” Jackie said. “It’s kind of from the realm of the spirits. So they can be a great tool for understanding what your life is like for you at that moment.”

In fact, it was a simple dream that began her love story with her now husband, former Silverchair drummer, Ben Gillies.

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After experiencing a very toxic relationship, Jackie pretty much new exactly what she wanted in a man and so she put that out into the universe by writing it down on a sheet of paper and placing it under her pillow.

A short time later, the Universe led Jackie to Ben. The pair had met during their teenage years but didn’t speak again until reconnecting at a party in Bondi.

After hitting it off with each other that night, Jackie and Ben both went home and dreamt the exact same dream.

They remained friends and about a year later they decided to try dating.

The night that Jackie and Ben shared their first kiss Jackie had another dream that Ben was going to propose to her. And low and behold, two days later, he did just that and got down on one knee.

They’ve now been married for almost 9 years! Talk about meant to be!

After hearing about how significantly dreams have impacted Jackie’s life, we decided to ask her about some of the more common dreams out there, that no doubt a lot of people have experienced at some point throughout their life, to see what hidden message or meaning they may have for our own life!

Here’s what she told us:

DREAM: Falling

What it means:

“It means you’re fearful… It represents that something’s holding you back in your life and you’re fearful to release it and let go or make change.”

DREAM: Flying

What it means:

“It means your ready for the next stage in your life. You’re ready and you’re waiting but it’s almost like you’re holding yourself back.

“So flying means that you’re free and you want to be free in a situation… Flying represents to make that move now… For example if you want a promotion, that’s your guidance telling you to go for it.”

DREAM: Your teeth falling out

What it means:

“It’s indecisiveness. You’re indecisive about your next step… It’s like you don’t have control over a situation emotionally.”

DREAM: Showing up somewhere important naked

What it means:

“Naked represents you’re fearful of people recognizing what you truly believe in. You don’t want to show the full truth of yourself because you’re scared of judgement. You’re scared of being judged by other people.”

DREAM: Having a partner cheat on your or you cheating on your partner

What it means:

“If you’re dreaming that somebody’s cheating on you or you’re being cheated on, that means you’re cheating on yourself, you’re not being truthful to who you are.

“And sometimes the universe could be telling you that what you’re actually seeing is true.”

DREAM: When you think you’ve woken up but you haven’t

What it means:

“That’s the universe talking to you!... That’s when your subconscious mind and the universe is all connected and you’re one.

“It’s the universe telling you that you have a high purpose. You have a high energy. All you have to do is tap into it and use that power to benefit you in a positive way.”

We’ll certainly be paying more attention to where our mind goes from now on when we lay our head down on the pillow! You never know, it might just lead you to the love of your life! 

Want to hear more about Jackie’s message of self-empowerment and her own personal story about overcoming adversity through manifestation?

Jackie Gillies’ ‘Shine It Up Live’ Tour kicks off on June 1st!

There will be lots of inspiring talks, laughing, a bit of dancing and of course tons of psychic vibes!

Find all the dates for the ‘Shine It Up Live’ tour below and get your tickets here!

Melbourne – June 1 

Hobart – June 3

Adelaide – June 5

Brisbane – June 14

Newcastle – June 20 

Sydney – June 22

Canberra – June 25

Wagga Wagga – June 27





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