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Check Out This Old Pizza Hut Menu With Genuine 1970s Prices!

Talk about a look back to a more simpler time!

A woman from NSW has found an original menu from one of the first Pizza Huts in Australia and posted it online, and you won't believe the prices.

A member of Facebook group Old Shops Australia has shared what we think should be classified as a pop culture relic from the 70s!


'The earliest piece of Pizza Hut ephemera we've come across and a true artefact from Australia's popular culinary history,' she wrote online.

Depending on the flavour you chose, a capsicum pizza was just $1.35, a prawn variety $1.45, a large onion pizza $1.95 and anchovy just $2.20.

Compare that to 2018 where a 'Ham Lovers' pizza is $9.95 or a 'BBQ Cheeseburger' will set you back $13.95.

But it was the alcohol prices that REALLY caught our attention...!

Draught beer was just 25 cents, a bottle of red wine was $2 and a bottle of white for some reason was slightly cheaper at $1.90.

And do you remember getting a 'Pizza Pete' gingerbread man as a special treat?

It was a whopping TEN CENTS way back then!

The first Australian Pizza Hut restaurant opened in Belfield, Sydney, in 1970, but it was originally an American franchise.

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