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Australia Ranked in The World for Sex Toy Searches

Here’s something that should make you proud to be Australian…

A new ‘World Sex Toy Rankings’ show which countries are hornier than others when it comes to residents searching for sex toys online (on the website Vouchercloud in particular).

Although we didn’t win the coveted top spot for the searches, we did make it to the top 10, beating horny parts of the world like Japan, who only made it to 43rd spot with 44 searches.

According to Vouchercloud, Denmark came in at number one with 118 searches, followed closely by Sweden (115), Greenland (108), US (104), UK (96), Netherlands (88), Russia (87), Bulgaria (86) and our friends in Italy (84).

That leaves us, Australia coming in at number ten with 82 searches for ‘Sex Toys’ on the Vouchercloud website.

Great stats.

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