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A Flag Called Kevin Is The Unlikely Hero

As the potentially devastating Hurricane Florence lashes the North Carolina coast, an unlikely star has emerged.

Or, should we say, 52 stars.

Richard Neal’s YouTube livestream of the storm, taken from the Frying Pan Tower, which sits just over 50kms off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina, has been has been drawing tens of thousands of viewers.

But it’s the flag that most are interested in.

The flag even has a name: Kevin.

And Kevin is copping one helluva shredding.

Kevin has his own Facebook page and Twitter.

At last look, not only was it nighttime in NC but this was the last we saw of Kevin before the feed cut out:


Be strong, Kevin. 


We’ve mentioned the concept, and the popularity, of 'slow TV' before.

Remember SBS’s The Ghan? Of course you do.

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