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Is This The End For Offspring?

Watching last night's season finale of Offspring kind of felt like it really was THE END of the classic Aussie show.

There were plenty of happy endings and several key plot lines were finally sorted out, making it feel like this time around the show may wrap up for good.

Famously the show was revived a few years ago due to public pressure when it was originally cancelled after five seasons, and at that time the story-lines had also been tied up with a nice bow.

So after seven seasons in total, could this be it?


Asher Keddie's Nina is now the happiest she's been since her glory days with Patrick, seemingly happy with the handsome, but lets face it, dull Harry.

Harry has taken on Nina's daughter Zoe as his own and the couple are now expecting a child together.

Kat Stewart's Billie has found love with Dan (Jeremy Taylor Lindsay) Will (T.J. Power) found out that new wife Kerry (Ash Ricardo) can’t have kids, but quickly moved on from this news.

Even Jimmy (Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber) are back on.

So if this is IT, it feels like a good time to say goodbye.

While show producers and Network 10 says they are unsure at this stage, both Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart have said they are happy to go on indefinitely, so we'll just have to wait and see...  

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