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Woman Chris Brown Allegedly Pulled A Gun On Speaks Out On

Baylee Curran, the woman at the centre of the Chris Brown siege situation, has spoken exclusively to KIIS.

When asked by Meshel Laurie how she came to be in the situation at Chris Brown’s home, she said ‘’you know what, I have shocked myself, I don’t know.’

The conversation continued by asking if the house was hosting a party but Baylee said ’it was not a party, it was Chris himself and a couple of his buddies. It was a business meeting about music videos.’’

Meshel Laurie continued to probe Baylee asking if she had touched the jewellery and she said ’’I never touched the jewellery. I was admiring the piece, and he told me to get off it.’’

At this stage Baylee admits that she left the property after Chris pulled a gun on her said ‘’I did call 911.’’

There have been reports that Chris had thrown a bag out of his window containing drugs and weapons, but Baylee refused to speak further about that issue saying ‘’That is some information I am not going to disclose at this time.’’

When asked about the situation, Baylee said ‘’It was very scary.’’

Meshel Laurie asked Baylee to confirm that she had never met Chris Brown before and had just turned up for a ‘job interview’ and had a ‘gun pulled on her’, to which Baylee replied ‘’right’.

As Baylee made the call to Police regarding the issue, Matt Tilley asked her if she is going to lay charges against the incident and at this stage, she is ‘ not too sure.’’

Chris Brown is currently still locked in his house as the siege with the LA police enters its 10th hour.

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