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Was The Bachelor Kiss Too Much?

It was The Bachelor's world record breaking on-screen kiss that became a record breaking on-screen turn-off.

Network Ten subjected viewers to watching the entire world record on-screen pash between The Bachelor Sam Wood and his date Nina Rolleston, which lasted more than four minutes.

The pair stood atop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and locked lips, initially to break the standing record of 3m48sec, which they did, before breaking apart at 4m10sec.

Even the guy officially timing it for the Guinness World Records said it was was hard to watch and so did a chorus of viewers on Twitter.

"This is ridiculous," wrote Amy Spinks while another viewer tweeted, "Ugh I need a shower after watching that."
Gloria posted, "World record for most boring 4 minutes of TV."

Both Elizabeth Anile and Bridget Lodge couldn't believe it either, respectively tweeting, "Weirdest four minutes on television... Ever" and "Four minutes of my life I'll never get back."

And Eloise summed up what a lot of people were saying when she asked, "Do we really have to watch the whole 4 minutes of this?"

The world record kiss wasn't the only annoying segment of the reality show.

The antics of school teacher Sandra who departed after a couple of consecutive boisterous episodes was welcomed by many.

The 27-year-old was ultra competitive during a game of bubble soccer and she was also painful to watch - full stop.

"Sandra, so subtle", "Sandra has no chill" and "omg can someone please put a muzzle on sandra..." ere just some of the tweets churned out during Wednesday's episode.

When she finally got her marching orders, the majority were pleased with Wood's decision.

"Sandra is every drunk girl you have met in the bathroom at a club," tweeted Lauren Rose Burke.


Photo: The Bachelor Australia

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