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There's A Hot Dentist And We Suddenly Need An Appointment

(Video courtesy of TODAY Show)

He’s like the “Dr Chris Brown” of the dental world and he certainly has the same Mcdreamy smile…

Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson interviewed Dr Lewis, a Sydney CBD practitioner who is not only a dentist, but he’s exceptionally hot.

On the back of talking about oral health and the impact it has on your wellbeing, Karl and Lisa were much more interested in the Dentist himself.

“You’re a very handsome man,” Karl said (most definitely flirting). “Is your practition busy? As a practitioner are you busy?”

“Fairly busy,” Dr Lewis said awkwardly.

While Lisa clarified her co-hosts question. “He’s talking professionally, not any other way.”

“I’d go and see you,” Karl said. Us too Karl, us too.

Lisa did the dirty work for all young females everywhere and it appears that our newest love for dentistry is SINGLE.

Easily the most popular video on their Facebook page today, it’s safe to say Dr Lewis will be a VERY busy man.


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