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The Secret Behind The Robe That Clancy Wore!

It was the moment that had Australia puzzled on last night’s Bachelorette and it gets even weirder with what we found out!

Georgia Love spoke to KIIS this morning about the awkward moment she walked into a rose ceremony and saw Clancy in his bed-wear but there’s more to it!

Speaking exclusively Georgia told us ‘’well, it was a bit weird for me, as I came out of my make-up room and walked into see him in MY DRESSING ROBE.’’

When we probed her as to what happened she said that someone behind the scenes had panicked as Clancy had jumped into the pool mere moments before the rose ceremony as was shivering away as they began to hand out roses.

The nearest robe? Hers!

Clancy was promised a group date with Georgia if he jumped in the pool and obliged to score the date.

Georgia said the robe was returned fully cleaned by Clancy with a note that said ‘’I am so sorry for being so lame but I couldn’t not go on a date with you!’’

She went onto say that you could tell ‘’it was washed by a boy as it just stunk of fabric conditioner!.’’

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.

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