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The First Photos From The Love Actually Sequel Will MOVE You

Yesterday we received news that there will be a Love Actually SEQUEL!

Though only 10-minutes long, the Red Nose Day special will serve to answer ALL our questions about how the characters wound up, 14 years later.

In fact, as reported yesterday, many of the original film’s cast have agreed to be involved in the sequel, including Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Liam Neeson.


Now, thanks to social media, we have photos of the Love Actually reunion — and seeing this particular duo reunited will make you weep many tears.

In a series of tweets, Emma Freud, the director of Red Nose Day, script editor of Love Actually, released photos of day one of filming, giving fans a sneak peak of the epic reunion.

The pics show two of our favourites, Liam Neeson's recently bereaved single parent Daniel and his super cute son Sam, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Though ‘Sam’ does NOT look like a little kid wanting to ‘get the shit kicked out of us by love’ anymore, the two actors look totally at home on set together, and it's more than a little exciting to see the father-son duo reunited.


The 10-minute special will pay tribute to the 2003 hit in the best way ever, including Neeson continuing on the green turtleneck trend.

Freud even apparently cried during the first day of filming. We’re not surprised.

Freud also shared a photo of Olivia Olson, posing alongside director Richard Curtis.

Olson played Sam's love interest Joanna, famous for her incredible rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" during a talent show in the original movie.

The fact that she's on set indicates that we'll finally get to find out what happened between Sam and Joanna.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day airs on BBC One in the UK on March 24, meaning that the long-awaited Love Actually sequel will be all over the internet in mere weeks.


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