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Emails Prove The Truth Behind Geoffrey Edelsten’s New Relati

Just yesterday, Geoffrey Edelsten revealed he had a new young love in his life who was attracted to him for his ‘intelligence and university degrees’.

It had taken the multi-millionaire no time to find his alleged new lover American Ashly Kirk, as he announced his relationship on the day he filed for divorce from Gabi Grecko.

We say alleged, as it appears the pair are not dating.

In emails sent to KIIS from Ashley’s manager, she is adamant that ‘Ashly is not dating this guy and I do not want to add fuel to a fire that is not there.’

The email chain continues with a request for a statement from Ashly to put the rumours to rest but is met with an abrupt ‘Again, no statement… let’s put this to rest.’

Continuing, Ashly’s manager says ‘Don’t know how this rumour got started but me speaking public on the phone will not solve anything.’

It is not clear if the couple has ever met from the emails, but it is not in doubt they are NOT in a relationship.

This is the complete opposite reaction compared to when Geoffrey spoke to the Herald Sun and said Ashly was ‘ gorgeous, articulate and fun and is attracted to me, I believe because I’ve a lot to offer. I have seven masters and two doctorates and can help mentor her career.”

It is alleged by Geoffrey himself that the pair met through friends when he was overseas a few weeks ago.

He says ‘I don’t go looking for these women, they come to me. I don’t know why but I’m pleased they do. I enjoy it.”

There has been no further comment from Geoffrey regarding his relationship, but he is due to face court today over a disagreement in his settlement with his ex-ex-wife, Brynne Gordon.

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