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The Clip That Made Australia Fall Head Over Heels For Matty

Last night, Australia sat down, sick in their stomachs that our Bachelor was going to make another decision that would leave us in tears; they would choose what the majority of Australians viewed as ‘the wrong person.’

As you watch a show like the Bachelor, or the Bachelorette, you can’t help but go along and fall a little in love with the people on the show right along with everyone else, and likewise, it’s heartwarming when you see someone you’ve come to care about, heartbroken.

That’s what we felt like when she dumped Matty J last night. I say ‘she’, because I just don’t know if I can forgive ‘her’ enough to use her name just yet.

The clip where Matty J is told he’s not the one she’s in love with BROKE HEARTS around Australia, but it also cemented him with an even better title, to some… ‘Australia’s Most Eligible Bachelors’.

Matty, seeming pretty sure of himself wasn’t prepared to be dumped, and that much was obvious.

He was devastated, holding his head in his hands and not saying much - and Australian women swooned.

It’s sad in one way, but girls… he’s single, so maybe we should be thanking… Georgia.

Source: Daily Mail

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