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The Bondi Vet Hilariously Responds To THAT Chris Brown Drama

Just in case you managed to miss it, American rapper Chris Brown has been stealing headlines left, right and centre all day after allegedly pulling a gun on a girl he had brought back to his LA home.

The whole situation continued to spiral as the morning went on; while the girl, beauty queen Baylee Curran, escaped from Brown's house, he then barricaded himself inside, posting a series of bizarre videos to social media while the tense stand-off with police escalated.

But another Chris Brown, one a little closer to home, has apparently been feeling the effects of his namesake's actions all day and couldn't resist taking to Twitter to poke fun at the slightly awkward situation.

"It's days like these where I really resent the choice of name Mr and Mrs Brown made all those years ago," the Bondi Vet wrote in the tongue-in-cheek post.

We'll say.

Luckily, the Australian animal lover quickly had a flurry of supporter from his loyal followers.

As if anyone with those dimples could get into a nine-hour police stand-off. 

Nice try, Dr Chris. 

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