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The Biggest Reveals In The New Gilmore Girls' Trailer

It's finally here!

The first full length trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life. 

No 30 second teaser or a featurette looking back at the series that we've watched ten times over from beginning to end (well... maybe only some of us are guilty of that part). 

It definitely adds intrigue to the already elusive plot line of the final four episodes...

Where do we begin?

Giant coffees are still a must but are the girls cheating on Luke’s Diner?

One thing we immediately noticed in the new trailer is that the girls still love their coffee (as if that was ever going to be any different). But one thing that has changed is where they are getting their coffee. The cups that are seen in two scenes of the new trailer show them holding giant Al’s Pancake World cups! What would Luke think!

Stars Hollow is expanding its culinary wings.

One of the first shots we see is a pan across Stars Hollow’s new International Food Festival! We can bet that the two Gilmores have hit that up once or twice. That may be where they got their Chinese, Greek, Italian and American food feast in the opening scene. Either way, the girls still have a love affair with food and somehow they never gain a pound.


On the topic of food, is that lettuce and cooking utensils?

One thing that has been standard in the Gilmore house throughout its original run is leftovers in the fridge and not much else, but in the new trailer we see SO many pots and pans, an upgraded oven, a GIANT fridge with a bow (???) and god forbid… salad? We can only guess that Luke has moved into Lorelei’s house permanently, which would explain the kitchen renovation. He’s obviously trying to be a good influence… but how much cut through can he get with those two junk food aficionados… SIDE NOTE: Why don’t they have some impressive coffee machine instead of their drip coffee pot from ten years ago?


On the lookout for engagement rings and wedding bands

We have watched this through a few times now and there are no signs of an engagement ring on either Gilmore girl’s perfectly manicured finger. However, there have been a few rumours that a wedding will happen in the series finale of Autumn. One other VERY interesting note is that in the short snippets where we see Jess, Dean and Logan – all of Rory’s past lovers – you never spot their left hand. Could one of them be married already?


Poptarts and an Apple. Is a Baby Gilmore on the way?

We were on major baby bump watch during this trailer. And while they aren’t going to give away such a vital plot point before the series is released, our theory has not been ruled out. The most obvious point for a Gilmore girl to have a baby bump happening is in the Autumn episode, which will air last. And it seems strange that in all Autumn related scenes the girls are wearing looser fitting black clothes or their stomachs are hidden. They could also just be doing that to tease with our minds… If so, it’s working!

Spotlight please! Could Rory or Lorelei audition for the town’s musical?

There is going to be a Stars Hollow musical and it looks like Rory or Lorelei may just be signing up to audition… Considering their love of town events this doesn’t totally surprise us, but we haven’t heard them sing before. Plus Sutton Foster (Younger) and Christian Borle (Smash) can be seen performing and we definitely can’t see Lorelei or Rory in the crowd (only Gypsy and Babette).


Miss Patty! We hardly recognised her!

That woman beside Babette as the girls sign up for the Stars Hollow musical? It’s Miss Patty! The actress Liz Torres looks incredible after dramatic weight loss since last time we saw her at Stars Hollow. We seriously had to do a second take!


Luke, a romantic proposal and an outdoor Autumn wedding?

In Autumn there are a few signs that point to a wedding or engagement and we’re leaning more and more towards Lorelei… Could this scene be a magical engagement?


Could Luke really get the townsfolk involved in a romantic gesture – dancers even? She is also wearing the same outfit in another shot where she and Rory are riding in the back cab of Luke’s Ute…


Then we see Emily all smiles in front of an Autumn backdrop where guest seem to be taking presents or cake down a path with lanterns. We hear wedding bells! In saying that it looks as though there is the ocean as a backdrop so perhaps it is Rory and Logan (?) at the Huntzberger's property in Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod - just like Emily always dreamed...


Why so many cakes Suki?

In any given year there are a number of celebrations likely to happen. But Suki is surrounded by at least three cakes and towers of cupcakes. Some look like they would suit a children’s birthday party (or a baby shower!!).


But there is one gold multi-tiered cake in the background that just screams wedding. SIDE NOTE: We love that Melissa McCarthy can be in a Gilmore Girls trailer for all of five seconds and still manage to use the word “pornographic”.


Is Jess back in Stars Hollow for good?

It takes an eagle eye but in the scene where Rory and Jess are together, they seem to be in some kind of office. The name of the office? Stars Hollow Publishing! You can see the name of the property on the glass behind Rory throughout their brief banter. Could this mean Jess is back for good? Is it his company or does he merely work there? Either option is exciting!


Is that Paris’ house that Rory is sitting alone in?

Would Paris (the person) really have a photo of Paris (the city) hanging in their lounge room? In one scene Rory is sitting rather solemnly before you get a glance of female legs walking down the stairs in a blink and you miss it moment. Has Paris made a decent life for herself in a nice looking home? And is that a photo of Doyle on the table on the left? We know he returns for one episode in the new series. So perhaps Paris got her happily ever after and married her Yale sweetheart!


MIA: Christopher? Jackson? Hep Alien? Life & Death Brigade? Mrs Kim? April?

We know all of these characters are in at least one episode, yet they were not sighted in this two-minute preview. Curious-er and curious-er… Also a number of younger children were cast to play a variety of roles (including Lane and Zack’s twins) but they were not introduced in this footage either. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.


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