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Are They The New Megan And Tiffany!?

Bachelor contestants Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon shocked fans of the show when they confirmed they were in a relationship.

Now eyebrows are being raised at the closeness of contestants Noni Janur (aka bacon girl) and Kiki Morris (the one Keira called a peasant).

Like Megan and Tiff, or 'Miff' as we'd like to now call them, the stunning reality stars have announced they're moving in with each other and are looking forward to their 'new life together.'

Fashion designer Noni is making the move from Queensland to New South Wales, shacking up with Kiki. The 25-year-old announced her move on Instagram.

'I must have done something right for this universe to bring us together. I am so lucky to have to you my life,' she wrote.

'You mean more to me then you could ever imagine. I can't believe we are roomies now,' she continued.

'Can't wait for our new life together. Love you bubba,' she wrote. While we're yet to see any bizarre nude shoots together ala 'Miff' the pair did pose side by side in bikinis for an Ok Magazine shoot.


The girls have also been spotted spruiking dating/friendship app 'Bumble' so their sudden declarations of love might all just be a publicity stunt. Only time will tell. If they start posing like Lady And The Tramp we'll know for sure.  

We're guessing if the two do officially get together, the public will embrace their relationship more than eventual winner Alex's. 

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