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Richard Wilkins Admits To Being An 'Ass' In Dua Lipa Apology

Well that's one way to apologise! 

Yesterday Richard Wilkins was slammed for accusing Dua Lipa of cancelling Australian performances to fly to the US to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

The singer, who is the pre-show entertainment for Bruno Mars, took to Twitter to clarify that she was in fact unwell after getting her wisdom teeth removed and not just ditching her Australian fans for Jimmy Kimmel. 

The Jimmy Kimmel appearance was actually filmed in February. 

So Wilkins took the opportunity to apologise to Dua and her fans on The Today Show this morning. 

And, well, where he chose to place his apology says it all... 

Dua is back touring with Bruno Mars in Sydney after making a full recovery. 

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