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Paris Hilton Releases Sexy New Music Video

Just when you thought Paris Hilton's singing career was a distant memory, the hotel heiress has released a new club track 'High Off My Love' featuring Birdman. 

Say it with me "That's Hot"! 

While Paris hasn't attracted the same level of public attention in recent years, she has continued to dabble in music as a DJ.

After releasing "Stars are Blind" and "Nothing in this World" she has struggled to find any chart success but the allure of being a pop princess obviously remains. 

*Side note: can anyone else see the spelling mistake on the poster?*

The new film clip has already had over 60k views and Paris is definitely banking on the fact that sex sells.

Underwear clad for the majority of the clip, the music video is provocative and eye-catching... but will it be enough to top the charts?

Only time will tell...

What do you think of the new video clip and Paris' return to pop music? 

Just in case you want to walk down memory lane here are some of Paris' previous 'hits'... 

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