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Paris Hilton Releases New Song For Valentine’s Day

Having been a long twelve years since Paris Hilton released her debut album, it’s safe to say that many people thought that she had hung up the microphone and moved on with her life of being America’s resident ‘it’ girl.

But it appears that she’s actually spent that time warming up her vocal chords as she’s just dropped a brand new single in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The slow, doo-woppy song is titled ‘I Need You’ and it appears to be inspired by her loved up relationship with fiance, Chris Zylka with lyrics like “I thank God you came to me” and “Every hour of the day, every day of the week, I need you”.

While her singing skills aren’t too shabby, just a bit breathy if anything but that might just be part of the vintage vibes, it’s the lyrics that make us feel a little bit cringe.

“I wanna put the happy in your Birthday/ And I wanna be the merry in your Christmas/ I’m always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving.”

Sh*t’s a little bit soppy for our liking but I guess if you’re a hopeless romantic and into that sort of thing then this might just become you’re new jam.

A short demo for the song first appeared online back in 2010 but it’s only just been completely recorded and released in full.

Take a listen to the song in the video above.

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