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"No wonder he has been married four times" IAC Claws Are Out

Cracks are continuing to emerge in the I’m A Celebrity camp.

While We’ve been distracted by the less-than-subtle flinging match between Keira and Ash Pollard in recent days, it was Steve Price that is again under the microscope.

This time, however, it’s all behind his back.

What’s more surprising?

The generally level headed Lisa Curry is heading the charge.

Alongside her? Tziporah.

Lisa: Yeah. I think I'm reserving my love for Steve Price for Monday night on Project. 'Cause living with him...

Tziporah: No wonder he has been married four times. 

Lisa: 4 times or 3 times? 

T: That would drive me insane.

L: He doesn't even say good morning. When you wake up, you go, "Morning!" Nothing. How can you live your life so grumpy.

T: I don't know. He's just a miserable old fart.

L: I have a love-hate relationship with him in here. Some minutes I like him, some minutes I don't.

T: I try to be cordial to him. We're not going to move in together. I'll be out of here, fairly soon, I suspect.

L: I can see dynamics changing within the group. I sit back, I don't say too much, but I sit back and watch a lot. I see the sly little comments, the sly little eye raises and winks and the little groups that are happening I can see all that. Some people have camp spirit and some people don't. And I like that camp spirit.

T: I like the camp spirit.

L: It keeps it light, keeps it entertaining, keeps it fun. Much more fun if all the fun people were left and all the grumpies went home.

Let's see how this all unfolds! 

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