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Nicole Kidman Explains THAT Kiss With Alexander Skarsgard

You may remember a few months ago when Alexander Skarsgard won an Emmy and proceeded to go up to Nicole, his co-star, and the pair kissed in front of Nic’s hubby, Keith Urban.

It all came up during Nic’s recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, where naturally, the host played the video of the smooch.

"You are so provocative, Graham. Why are you showing that?" Nicole said when a photo of the kiss was shown.

"I kissed my husband too!" As she further explained, "I did kiss him because you've gotta understand. I did everything with [Alex].

I've got an amazing supportive gorgeous husband who I love more than anything in the world and I gave Alex and congratulatory kiss and he's like a mannequin. I mean, not a mannequin... I'm done."


Source: Cosmopolitan

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