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Netflix Show Described as More Intense Than 13 Reasons Why

Netflix is set to drop another drama following the success of 13 Reasons Why.

The new original Netflix film, ‘To the Bone,’ is about a young girl battling anorexia but is sent to a home for troubled youths to try and overcome her eating disorder.

According to, the film features Keanu Reeves who is an unconventional doctor who helps the young girl fight the disorder.

To the Bone is expected to be real and confronting with director Marti Noxon guaranteeing it will make waves with its controversial treatment of eating disorders within young women.

“Because of my own long battle with eating disorders, I’d always wanted to write a film that dealt with the topic from an insider’s perspective,” said Noxon.

“I was kind of appalled that there wasn’t more mainstream entertainment that dealt with such a common problem. But I was aware of the pitfalls of making a “disease” movie, particularly one about a misunderstood disease like anorexia, so it took me a long time to find an approach that felt grounded and allowed for humour.”

Aware anorexia is a misunderstood disease, Noxon hopes audiences will be able to gain greater understanding of the issue through To the Bone.

“Eating disorders aren’t issues of vanity run amok,” said Noxon. “They are a mental illness, just like any other — and far more common than we think. And that if we can lift some of the shame around them, there is hope for a great life and full recovery.”

To the Bone will be released on Netflix on July 14.

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