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Anyone Else Remember ‘The Mommy Market'?

There are many movies that stick with you from your childhood: for me, it’s Jumanji because it was terrifying (the monkey scene!) and The Land Before Time because dinosaurs just fascinated me (and still do…)

Another movie that has stuck with me forever is The Mommy Market.

But when I mentioned it to friends the other day, no one else remembers it.

The premise of the film is pretty simple: three siblings are fed up with the mum and through a crazy way, they end up getting rid of their mum, and are then able to select a ‘new mum’ from the local market.

Naturally, it had a great message throughout it: love the mum you’ve got.

No surprise why my mum picked it from VideoEzy every time we went…

The Mommy Market (although, it seems to be called Trading Mom in parts of the world) starred Anna Chlumsky from My Girl fame so you know it was a good film!

I did a thorough investigation into the film, by means of an Instagram poll – and still, less that 50% of my Insta friends had seen it.

So, I'm putting it to you: Do you remember The Mommy Market?!

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