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Medic Called For Kiera In Her First Day In The Jungle

Keira Maguire has been in the I'm A Celeb jungle for less than 24-hours but already she is being tested more than she ever imagined. 

Nominated for a tucker trial alongside Dane Swan, the former Bachelor contestant actually impressed her with winning her first star.

But it went downhill from there. 

After putting her head into a box filled with rats and having to use her mouth to unscrew a coveted star, she took an extended time to compose herself. 

She says she's been watching the show... but it seems when actually in the jungle, the challenges aren't as easy as she expected.

The naive Keira also turned to Chris and Julie and asked if "they could not show that on tv"...

Dane on the other hand was the ultimate professional in each of his challenges... with only biting ants getting the better of him.

Getting the job done like on the footy field.

Second attempt for Keira? Spiders... While she had a little less panic than the first box, she did not get the star.

Snakes were an easier task for Keira, as were the chillies.... at first. 


The burning sensation got the better of her. 

While Dane attempted to deal with snapping scorpions, Keira continued to have a meltdown. 

Her response:

"This is not okay... this is NOT okay! You don't know how much it is burning!" she screamed.

Normally, we'd be quite concerned but considering all of the evils in the jungle that broke her it was chillies... we're thinking she's a-ok.

Julie perhaps wasn't so sympathetic. 

"You don't know. Like, how this feels right now people," Keira said.

"It's been tested for a number of people. We have an understanding of the intensity," Julie quipped. 

"They’re not on national TV like, dying!" Keira continued.

"I have a very strong pain threshold. That was so bad. Like worse than any treatment I've had on my feel and that's (BLEEP) Painful.

"Burning my face so bad and no-one even cared. No-one even cared.

"...I'm going to be scarred for life. I'm not going to forget about anything."

The medic continued to assure her that the pain is not uncommon when coming into contact with chillies and that it will go away shortly. 

Admittedly we couldn't help but giggle a little at Dane's response...

"That was a fun first day!" he offered. 

Not gonna lie. Keira has NO idea what she's in for in the jungle and it is going to make viewing so much better. 


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