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Matty J’s Heartbreaking Confession About Georgia Love

For many Aussies, Matty J’s brutal dumping left us heartbroken, deflated, and to be honest, a little down on love. And it seems that we’re not the only ones who aren’t over it.

Speaking to Pop Sugar, Matty J revealed that months after filming wrapped, he still has strong feelings from Georgia Love.

The 29-year-old added that he has been in contact with fellow contestant and winner, Lee, but thinks that speaking to Georgia could be ‘awkward’. 'I've spoken to Lee a couple of times, and I messaged him to congratulate him.


I considered, like, "Do I message Georgia?" but I think it's too soon. 'I do hope in the future we can get to a point where if we're at an event and we bump into each other, it's not awkward.'

Matty said that the boys in the mansion form a special bond and although he is 'jealous' of Lee they're still each other's support network through the bizarre ordeal.


When questioned about his feelings towards Georgia, Matty made no attempt to conceal that there were still very strong emotions there.

'Uh . . . As hard as it is to say this, my feelings towards Georgia haven't changed at all really. I still miss her. I still love her. It's hard.'

But since the show's finale, Matty admitted it has been nice to talk about his feelings so he can 'finally move on'. He also revealed that he wishes the new couple luck on their relationship.

Source: Daily Mail

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