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Married At First Sight Groom Andrew Has Opened Up

He was the jilted groom on Married At First Sight that got a second chance at love.

However, Andrew Jones has already alluded to their being trouble in paradise with Cheryl Maitland, 25, telling WHO magazine that concerns from other contestants were an ‘early warning sign.’

During Tuesday night’s episode, fans saw Anthony and Sharon saying the Gold Coast hairdresser was motivated by fame, which Andrew thinks is warranted.

'[I'm] 100 per cent glad it came up because it gave me an early warning,' he said.

'They were trying to tell me that Cheryl wasn't the girl I'd hoped she might have been.

He added: 'I was confused as to why everyone was so sceptical of the situation. It took a little bit of the shine away from how positive I thought things were going.'

While his comments have raised doubts about his relationship, Perth Now has reported that she was seen making a trip to his native Perth this week.

So you never know. Love may have happened.. just not at first sight!

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