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MAFS Telv Caught Snorting White Powder Off Stripper's Bottom

A picture says a thousand words, or so the old saying goes. 

Photos have been released showing Married At First Sight's Telv Williams in what looks to be a very compromising position.

The images were published in Woman's Day a week after rumours circulated that he and on screen wife Sarah had separated. 

One photo shows Telv seemingly snorting a white substance off of a stripper's bare bottom, while another shows him posing beside the woman while holding a bag of white powder in his mouth. 

A short video has also been released by an anonymous source showing the FIFO worker in the act of allegedly snorting the unknown substance. 

Last week an email was circulated allegedly sent from Telv to one of the show producers stating that he had "blocked her number and refuse to have anymore talks... I wanted to try to get along strictly for publicity". 

He also signed off the email stating "I no longer want anything to do with this crazy woman". 

The strong words are in direct contrast to what the show producers are depicting on air. 

How will their relationship all unfold? And where did it all go wrong? Tune in to channel nine tonight from 7:30pm.

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