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Macklemore Admits He Was Scared To Perform In Australia

Back in September, Macklemore flew out to Sydney for a high-profile appearance as the pre-show entertainment for the National Rugby League Grand Final which is essentially the Aussie Super Bowl. 

The Seattle rapper, who has mainstream popularity down-under, wasn’t thinking about changing the set list or what the choreography would be. Instead, he was worrying about his personal safety. 

“I was honestly a little bit scared to perform when I was flying over,” he said to the New York Post, “I was checking to see what our security was like.”

Now, I bet you’re probably thinking, what could Macklemore have been scared about? The reason is, he was flying directly into a nationwide debate on same-sex marriage with one song in particular on his setlist. 

If there was one thing that stood out at the NRL Grand Final, it was definitely the rapper’s performance of the 2012 song Same Love. The plea for gay and lesbian equality within the song caused a major backlash among many conservative members of government and public alike. 

“Some people were saying, ‘He’s trying to push the gay agenda,’ or, ‘You’ll turn gay if you listen to Macklemore,” said the rapper.

The performance went off without a hitch though and was highly praised by many of the viewers.

Well done, Macklemore! 

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