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Karl Reportedly Thinking Of Getting The ‘Reverse Snip'

News of Karl Stefanovic’s new romance with 33-year-old shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough has made a lot of headlines recently.

After the split with his wife and mother of his three children, Cassandra Thorburn, interest in his new love was at an all time high.

Now that the hype has died down a little bit, Karl and Jasmine are obviously more comfortable being photographed together, as they were snapped picking up McDonalds in Bondi together recently.

Now, according to a report on Be Entertainment, by Yahoo, rumours are flying that Karl is thinking of having his vasectomy reversed.

The report claims that if things continue to go well with Yarbrough, children could be on the horizon, and that would mean having the procedure reversed.

According to Yahoo Be, Stefanovic and his wife, Thorburn, decided to go ahead with the procedure after they decided they were happy with their “perfect three” kids; Jackson, Ava and River.

Woman’s Day report that Yarsbrough eventually hopes to have children of her own, which means Stefanovic would need to undergo the reverse vasectomy.

Confirming that he’s undergone the procedure in 2010, Karl told the mag, “I have had the snip now.

So we’re definitely not having any more kids unless at some point we want to have it reversed – although I really can’t see hat happening any time soon.”

Source: Yahoo Be

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