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Is This Pic Of The Kardashians The Worst Photoshop Job EVER?

The Kardashians have YET AGAIN been called out for some dodgy photoshop job, on the promo photo for the 16th season of their TV show.

The image in question was shared to Instagram and Twitter by Kim, and shows all five Kardashian-Jenner sisters and their mum, Kris, all looking very glam.

A few eagle eyed fans were not distracted by all of the fabulous gold, and diamonds and spotted not one, but three problems in the photo...

"Where is Khloe’s lower half of her body?" one fan asked.

Another Instagram user said: "What’s up with Kourtney’s left foot?"

"Kourtney has six toes," wrote another.

"Kendall looks like she was just stuck onto the picture HAHAHAHA."

Someone else added their comment saying Kendall was "looking like a tripped over mannequin", and that she was "stuck her onto the picture" after not making the shoot.

Here's the original pic again for you to cast your eyes over...

What do you think? Are these photoshop fails, or are we all just too quick to judge?

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