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Gary And Charlotte BOTH Rocked Up To The MTV EMAs

For Geordie Shore fans, the demise of Charlotte and Gary was heartbreaking to see.

It seems that just as Charlotte’s dream of being Gary’s one and only was realised, it all came crumbling down in spectacular fashion.

As Gary made his way to Thailand to film ‘Ex on the Beach’ and work out whether he would dive into things with Charlotte properly, she learned she was pregnant.

Devastatingly, she lost the baby due to an ectopic pregnancy, and their relationship wasn’t able to be repaired.

She promptly quit ‘Geordie Shore’, now unable to face the man she once loved so much.

So you can imagine our surprise when both Gary and Charlotte rocked up to the MTV EMAs together.


Gary arrived with his fellow Geordie Shore cast mates; Chloe Ferris and Nathan Henry, while Charlotte appeared to arrive solo.


Both Charlotte and Gary are said to have significant others now, but many fans hope they can patch things up and get back together, especially this ‘ChazGShore’ twitter account.

*There will always be a Gary and Charlotte.*

Social media went into meltdown, with people speculating that the duo hugged when they saw each other and that their seats inside the event were nearby.

However, some shared the awkwardness of the whole thing. Let’s hope these crazy kids work it out.

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