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Game Of Thrones Suffers ANOTHER Embarrassing Editing Fail

While "Coffeegate" was slowly simmering down, Game of Thrones has served up yet another sizzling mistake. 

Fresh off the appearance of a coffee cup in Episode 4 - a rarity in Winterfell - the final season of HBO's hit fantasy drama has been hit with yet another editing blunder. 

Jaime Lannister's severed hand has miraculously grown back in a promo image from the fifth episode.

Back in season three, the 'Kingslayer' had to relearn his swordsmanship after having his right hand chopped off.  

However, a shot from Jaime and Cersei's final scene appears to contradict this. 

In response, a HBO rep has revealed that Jaime's right hand did not appear in the actual episode, despite popping up in a photo distributed by the show's digital team. 

Understandably, fans were not happy.

What did you think of Episode 5? Were you a fan?

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