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Devastating News For Val Kilmer This Morning

When someone is suffering with an illness, normally it’s them that reveals it.

However, this time it appears to be Michael Douglas revealing to the world that his former co-star Val Kilmer is battling cancer.

He made the revelation while discussing their 1996 film The Ghost in the Darkness at a Q&A in London on Sunday, The New York Post reports.

“Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look too good for him,” said Douglas, who battled tongue cancer in 2010. “My prayers are with him. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.”

The rumours about Val having throat cancer began in 2015 after he was photographed with a breathing machine and tracheotomy tube in his neck. He later denied the claims on Facebook, labelling them “totally untrue”. In 2010, Douglas initially told the press that he had been suffering from throat cancer, which had been caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV.

He took this claim back three years later, though, and revealed that he had actually been battling tongue cancer — and that his physician instructed him to keep the diagnosis under wraps so he wouldn’t have to discuss the possibility of facial disfigurement.

So, we’re still not sure exactly what’s going on with Val, and hopefully he’s on the mend soon.


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