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Devastating News For ‘Suits’ Fans!

If you LOVE you some Suits, you know, some smooth-talking Harvey Spector, some super cute Mike Ross - and some stunning Rachel Zane, I have some new you may not like.

It seems that even though you might have fallen in love with her on screen in Suits, it’s been revealed that Megan Markle is preparing to quit acting after the last season of Suits wraps up.


This means any further potential 'Suits' seasons or potential spin-offs are pretty much out of the question, unless the 'Mike and Rachel' love story is written out.

According to a friend she’s ready to be done with Suits and acting in general as she wants to focus on other things she’s passionate about like philanthropy.

She spent time in India with World Vision already earlier this year.

Gee, it seems she’s already a princess-in-waiting?!


I wonder if she’s trying to free herself up for something in particular, eh Price Harry?

Princess Diana would be proud, that’s all I’ll say.

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