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Christmas Gift Guide For When You’re Stuck For Ideas

One of our favourite things about Christmas is seeing the look on our loved ones faces when they open their gift and are simple delighted by what they find inside. But it’s usually a long road to get to this moment.

A whole lot of thinking, planning and shopping goes into finding each friend and family member the perfect Christmas present but sometimes things just aren’t so simple and we can't think of the perfect prezzie.

Whether it’s for your work secret santa, your bestie or your family member, if you’re struggling to think of something to put under the Christmas tree there’s no need to panic just yet!

We’ve come up with five very simple gift ideas that are likely to make the receiver light up when they open it! And what’s even better, they’re all available online so you can stay away from the nightmarish shops during this busy time of year.

Find our simple, last minute gift guide below!

1. A Palm Beach Collection Candle

There’s no going wrong with a candle, especially when it’s one that smells as delicious as the ones available from the christmas range at the Palm Beach Collection!


Whether it’s for your aunt, your grandma, your bestie or Karen in the office, everyone loves themselves a good candle that’s set to make their house smell delightful.

With numerous flavours, including winter pine and summer bellini, as well as various sizes, these bad boys can be easily bought online and retail for as little as $16.95!


2. A subscription to Stan

Christmas can be a stressful and busy time of year so what better gift to get someone than the gift of relaxation?

With a Stan subscription, you can take some much needed time to wind down on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or TV as you stream some of the world’s biggest TV shows, movies and original series on offer on the service.


To give the biggest gift in entertainment you just need to visit their website where you can purchase a gift card online and either send it to the receiver via email or print instantly!

Gift cards are available between $20 and $120 and with a Stan subscription costing as little as $10 a month, you’ll be providing one lucky person with at least a couple months worth of free streaming!


3. Merch from their favourite Pop Culture reference from Grey Lines Australia

Do you have a Brooklyn 99 fan in your life? Know someone who’s completely crazy about FRIENDS or Harry Potter? Or someone who loves any pop culture reference? Then the merchandise available at Grey Lines Australia is the perfect gift for them!


Selling various Tees, sweatshirts, slides, denim jackets, clutches, notebooks, mugs, calendars and weekly planners, this online store has collections specifically designed with quotes from your favourite sitcoms or movies.


There’s also merch featuring Kanye West, Drake, the Kardashians, Kath and Kim and even Shannon Noll. They also sell clothes for your pet dog or cat so you can literally buy a present for every member of the family (fur or no fur).

There’s literally something for everyone and with prices as low as $20 they make Christmas shopping affordable too! Check out the entire range available online here.


4. Gift Packs from the Body Shop or Lush

These are great because for one price you get a whole bunch of items pre-wrapped and ready to go!

The Body Shop always brings out special christmas gift packs each year filled with things like body wash, body scrub, moisturiser, loofas, perfume and other skincare products.


They come in various sizes depending on how much you want to spend, usually varying between $12 and $100, and are available in a number of different scents.

Lush Cosmetics gift packs work in a similar way only they typically centre around various bath bombs and may sometimes include other products such as soap, body wash, face masks or hair care products.


Both Lush and The Body Shop have online stores and their gift packs are pre-packaged in decorated boxes, meaning you don’t even have to spend time wrapping them! Simple!

5. If all else fails - Alcohol!

Christmas time is usually celebrated by people raising a glass so if all else fails a nice bottle of a person’s favourite drop of alcohol is always a good gift!

Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine, the ingredients to make their favourite cocktail or a case of beer, alcohol can be a great gift that shows you really know what a person likes.

It’s also never been easier to purchase the alcohol you need with Dan Murphy’s and BWS both offering an online store.

Christmas is only two weeks away people! So what are you waiting for? Get organised with our simple yet genius Christmas gift guide!

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