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Cher Apologises For Turkey 'Bomb' Emoji Tweet

Cher has apologised for using a bomb and explosion emoji in a tweet about Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Turkey.

After gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the city's Ataturk Airport, leaving 41 people dead and more than 200 injured, Cher took to Twitter to write the victims were in her prayers.

However the tweet, which read, "We all pray for innocent people in Turkey airport (sic)," also included two emoji cartoon pictures of a bomb and and an explosion.

Users of the social media site were quick to brand the Believe singer, 70, insensitive because of her poor choice of emoji. The characters are more commonly used to express happier emotions in online conversations.

In the wake of the backlash, Cher posted an apology on her Twitter feed which read, "PPL R SENSITIVE & I DIDNT THINK.I Offer My (heart)FELT APOLOGY. Every1(sic) Who Knows Me,Knows Im (sic) Tender 2PPL (sic) Who are Hurting."

The tweets about the Istanbul attacks mark the second time in less than a week that Cher's use of emojis on social media have got her into trouble.

Last week Britons went to the polls to decide whether to leave the European Union (EU), a vote which those arguing Britain should leave, were victorious in.

After the result, she tweeted the praying emoji to indicate she was praying it was the best decision for the British people.

However many Twitter users who read the post thought Cher was indicating that she thought leaving the EU would be better for Britain. She later clarified her position on the matter by clarifying she was praying the British people had done the right thing for their country.


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