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Big Brother - Where are they now?

Images: Channel 10, Channel 9

They say you only get 15 minutes of fame and it seems these former Big Brother contestants are well aware of such a concept.

While they were once the talk of the nation, most of these former Big Brother stars have now faded back into a normal routine away from fame and the spotlight. 

Click through our photo gallery to see where they all are now. 

Also who could forget Sara-Marie teaming up with the Sirens for "I'm So Excited (The Bum Dance). Reminisce with the video below...

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Big Brother - Where are they now?
Rima Hadchiti. Rima Hadchiti.
Trevor. Trevor.
Simon Deering. Simon Deering.
Terri Munro. Terri Munro.
Sara Marie. Sara Marie.
Reggie Bird. Reggie Bird.
Peter Forbett. Peter Forbett.
Marty and Jess. Marty and Jess.
The Logan brothers. The Logan brothers.
Merlin Luck Merlin Luck
Jamie Brooksby Jamie Brooksby
David Graham - aka Farmer Dave. David Graham - aka Farmer Dave.
Carlo Melino Carlo Melino
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Rima Hadchiti was a pocket rocket at one metre tall. Since the show she has given birth to a son - which was filled with drama of its own having to deliver at 24 weeks due to her small stature. She has most recently been on A Current Affair to discuss her son's medical ordeal, suffering from severe reflux and constant vomiting. Poor bub
Trevor won a million dollars and then proposed to his girlfriend on national TV in the finale. Since BB he has remained in the spotlight - sort of. He works part time in radio while splitting his time between NSW and the Gold Coast
Simon Deering, or as you probably remember him, 'Hot Dogs', now works in real estate after a number of public indiscretions
Terri Munro will mainly be remembered for her support of Pauline Hanson but the grandmother is now back working as a Coles retail manager after winning the 2008 season of Big Brother
Who could forget the bunny ear wearing Sara Marie from the first Australian season of BB. It's reported she has opted to move on from her 'bum dance' fame and instead works in the mines
Reggie Bird's journey since leaving the Big Brother house has been less uplifting. Her eyesight has been diminishing due to retinal pigmentation, which just further adds to the struggle of juggling work commitments and raising two children - one of whom suffers from cystic fibrosis
Peter Forbett's time in the BB house has led him to never watch another episode of the series. He told the Illawarra Mercury earlier this year that the show saw him become a commodity and that his identity had been stolen. He was the winner of the second Australian season
Who could forget the season one romance of Marty and Jess. They went on to get married and had their own reality tv show but alas it wasn't meant to be. Now Marty is married with a child while Hardy went on to study law and even dabble in another TV show dating in the dark
The Logan brothers have been wise with their $800k winnings from the Big Brother house. Greg now owns a number of pubs and clubs in NSW, While David operates a company with mining contracts in Queensland
Merlin Luck’s silent protest pro- refugees in his eviction certainly gained publicity but since then he has quietened down. He is now married with a son and opened a boutique clothing store in Sydney
After trying his hand at modelling Jamie Brooksby opted for a more professional career in 2010 and has since found himself in project marketing for a real estate
David Graham - aka Farmer Dave - has found love and is now engaged to his partner Michael. He has also undertaken a business in dog training
Since bathing in the sink on Big Brother, Carlo Melino has taken up a career as a teacher - who would have thought! He was married in 2008 and now lives in Melbourne
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