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Bachelor Lee Reveals The Moment He Fell Head Over Heels For

Lee Elliot has been a front runner to win Georgia Love’s heart since they discovered their mutual love of dad jokes. Now the 35-year-old has revealed the sweet moment he fell head over heels for the former face of Win News.

In an interview with Popsugar the gorgeous mechanical plumber revealed he felt ‘something special’ between he and Georgia after how well she got on with his family during hometown dates.

'After taking her home to meet my family, that was when I really had a moment,' he said. 'I already knew there was something special, but you can also wonder whether you're getting caught up in all this. 

'I sat back and watched her with my family and just took it in and went, "Hang on, there's far more here. This is something special",' he gushed.

Source: Network Ten

Source: Network Ten

It’s hard to believe, but the stunning 35-year-old admitted he struggled with confidence, after being bullied at school. He told Who he’d often wondered what Georgia saw in him. He's since praised the program for putting him out of his comfort zone and giving him a new found confidence.The touching confession comes as Georgia is set to whittle down her suitors to two tomorrow night. We're pretty sure he's safe!

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