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Ashy Bines Suing Former Business Partner For $120,000

Gold Coast fitness guru Ashleigh ‘Ashy’ Bines is reportedly suing a Brisbane woman and former business partner for $120,000 over claims of defamation.

Ashy took up the legal battle after claiming that a YouTube video and online article shared by Pinar Parry about a jewellery collaboration that fell through has used words that were defamatory towards her.

Ms Parry is the creator of jewellery brand Delta & Co that makes bangles engraved with inspirational quotes and she alleges in the YouTube video that she had arranged a collaboration with Ashy.

The Brisbane woman claims that an arrangement was made with Ashy a year ago in order to spread word about her brand.

“It went really well, we sold a lot of product through her,” said Ms Parry in the YouTube video.

However, Ms Parry then alleges that she created customised bangles specifically for Ms Bines with her own quotes engraved on them. But this venture fell through and allegedly left Ms Parry almost bankrupt.

“Intention was that she’d promote it throughout the year at her booty events…we got the product out and she promoted it maybe once or twice and then just dumped it like a rock,” said Ms Parry. “We lost a lot of money doing that and we paid the price.”

According to News Corp, Ashy has claimed that the words used in the video painted her as unprofessional, unethical and acting within her own interests without consideration for others. The Gold Coast fitness star also claims that the video has defamatory imputations about her not honouring contractual obligation.

Ms Bines is said to have requested a court injunction to permanently stop Ms Parry from publishing the words that she describes as defamatory.

This is not the first time that Ashy Bines has been the centre of a legal battle after an Aussie blogger sued Ashy over plagiarism last year, claiming Ashy had copied her recipes and published them in her own recipe book.

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