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Another EPIC Nineties Movie Is Getting A Remake

ANOTHER one of your fave nineties films is getting the ol' reboot.

Thanks to Beyonce Pad Thai (inside Mindy Project joke), Mindy Khaling is reviving cult British flick Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Yes, the romantic comedy starring a very old skool Hugh Grant about, you guessed it, four weddings and a funeral, is getting the millenial treatment - a TV series.

So, as you can see by my headline, I'm more than a little - "where are all the new ideas at world?", however, this one looks kinda fun.

It's your typical group of friends whose lives intersect show – intertwining when they meet at four different weddings, and one funeral.

Each season will have its own story arc, according to The Hollywood Reporter, so lets hope it doesn't get cancelled after the first wedding.

If this at all sounds familiar (very Love Actually, actually), well you're not wrong - Richard Curtis (who wrote Love Actually AND Bridget Jones Diary) is signed on as exec producer.

Frankly, we actually will watch this and WE WILL LOVE IT.

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